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Welcome to Unique Music Instruments, Ethnic Musical Instruments | MusicUrchin
Discover the world of hand crafted cultural musical instruments
Congratulations!!!  You've just discovered Music Urchin, your online source for great sounding, hand-crafted musical instruments from around the globe. If you stumbled upon this site by accident or found us my clicking on "unique musical instruments" you will find that these world instruments are not often found in traditional brick and mortar retail  music stores. You may have noticed, many of these unique instruments are finding their way into many styles and genres of music. For example, the oud from Turkey or Egypt is being widely used in Jazz Fusion and Rock, while the bodhran, a tunable hand drum can be seen and heard in Roots and Folk music. Back in the late 60s and early 70s, the Beatles incorporated the mystic sound of India by using the sitar on many of their tunes, and even the harmonium is being played in contemporary praise and worship bands at churches in your community. More and more bands are discovering that by adding an exotic world instrument into the mix can create a sound that can be uniquely yours. Have you considered adding a world instrument to your band ?

Unique Music Instruments, Ethnic Musical Instruments | MusicUrchin