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The Music Urchin Story

Welcome to Music Urchin, your online source for "A World Of Musical Instruments!"  My name is William Urich, founder of Music Having been in the music industry for over 30 years, my love for music and musical instruments are not limited to the traditional ones. I have also noticed that over the last 10 years or so, a dramatic increase in use and demand of ethnic musical instruments. More and more bands are incorporating the use of more exotic stringed instruments like the sitar, bouzouki or the oud. Wind instrument players have been adding a Ney flute, bagpipe or duduk, and you can't even walk the sandy shores of a beach or sit under a shade tree in a local park without hearing the percussive sounds and rhythms of the djembe or doumbek. On Sunday mornings, I've even seen and heard the harmonium used in the worship music at church! The demand of cultural musical instruments is definately on the rise, and that's why Music Urchin is here, to introduce and provide beautiful hand-crafted ethnic musical instruments that are created in many other parts of the globe. Please take a few minutes and browse these pages, you will find many incredible world music instruments not often found in the traditional brick and mortar retail music locations in the USA!

Why Shop With Music Urchin?

Music Urchin is dedicated to providing to you with a positive online shopping experience. We offer a great selection of instruments, competitive pricing with free shipping, and a "No Hassle" return policy for your convienience. Your payment options are; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Your personal information is safe with us, our site is SSL encrypted with the new and more secure SHA-2 certificate, so rest assured, when shopping with Music Urchin, your information will be safe and secure! We want to be the online store that instills confidence and trust as you shop with us, or feel comfortable when you refer a friend or relative looking to buy a unique musical instrument for themselves or as a gift. We look forward to having you be apart of the Music Urchin family, our goal is always your 100% satisfafction!

"I Live The Journey"

I Have dedicated the profits made from the sales of this site to for the much needed repair and updating their campus facilities. "I Live The Journey" is two year campaign that entails several projects like enlarging the foodbank which feeds hundreds in the local community each month. The Children's Center has long needed a restroom upstairs where many of the classrooms are, and to install a service elevator. This would give a disabled parent the opportunity to volunteer or to help a disabled child get upstairs to Sunday morning class. The decision to purchase solar panels would not only mean that we are doing our part in being good stewards for the environment, but it would save the church community over $100,000 each year. This alone would help free up money that can be used for the various ministries such as feeding the hungry through the foodbank, clothing the less fortunate through the Twice Treasured Thift Store and helping the local public schools by donating classroom materials such as paper, pencils, notebooks and other needed supplies.The upgrades to the facilities at JCC would help equip and allow us to have huge impact on those crying out for help, ministering to people with addictions and substance abuse, depression and grief.

Journey is a church community that has been extremely blessed, and often talk about how we are all made in the Imago Dei, ("Image of God") If we are then made in God's image, is there not a better way to show God's love than reaching out to help those in need as Jesus would do! In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus said; "And from everyone who has been given, much shall be required." You may not have a need to buy a world music instrument from Music Urchin but believe this ministry is important, I encourage you to make a donation to JCC. You may be a Christ follower that dosen't have a home church but still believes our ministry is making a difference, I also encourage you to make a donation to JCC. Whatever gift you have, large or small will be greatly appreciated!  And remember, 100% of all profits made on this site will be given to Journey Community Church through May 2017!

Thank you for supporting Music Urchin, I am excited to "Live The Journey!"

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As you browse the pages of Music Urchin and like some of the cultural musical instruments we have for sale, or just think what we're doing is pretty cool, I invite you to "Like Us" on Facebook @ Or "Follow Us" on Twitter @ And for informative articles about ethnic musical instruments, the history,  players and current events, please check out our Blog @ As you get to know us and feel more comfortable with who we are, please share Music Urchin with your family and friends. Welcome to the family of Music Urchin, where you'll find  "A World Of Musical Instruments"!