Ethnic Stringed Instruments

As you explore our pages containing beautiful stringed instruments from around the world, you'll find instruments represented from the countries surrounding the region of the Middle East. Hand-crafted, unique instruments from exotic places such as Turkey, Egypt, and North Africa. A few of these are, the oud, rabab, lavta, saz, dotar and the cumbus. The rich tradtion and culture from India have given us the sitar and tanpura, while Greek culture have provided us with the baglama saz and lyre harp. Music Urchin also has some outstanding reproductions of biblical stringed instruments such as the kinnor harp, (also known as King David's Harp) and the nevel harp. Even the resurgence in popularity of the ukulele over the past several years  have opened up new avenues of enjoyment to players young and old. Until recently, the ukulele was thought of by many as a musical toy, thankfully, those days are gone and a new generation of uke enthusiasts are discovering the joy in playing this simple, yet sophisticated stringed instrument!  Enjoy yourself as your browse the Music Urchin Ethnic String Instrument pages, where you'll find exotic strings from many far away lands!


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Mid-East Electric Frame Oud Hourglass with Gig Bag - Black
Electric Egyptian Oud, Black   Product Features 11 strings with 12 tuning ge..
Mid-East Fancy Lavta with Gig Bag
The lavta, although similar in looks to the oud or lute with its deep bowled back and teardrop fa..
Mid-East Kemenche, 3-string with Rosin and Bag
Known as the Black Sea Fiddle, The Kemenche is native to the southern shore of the Black Sea. You..
Mid-East Kinnor Harp, Light
Known as "King David's Harp" the kinnor harp is always a best seller!   Product Feat..
Mid-East Lyre Harp, 10 String
Judaic worship harp, also known as a Cantor   Product Features 10 steel stri..
Mid-East Lyre Harp, 16 String
Biblical style lyre harp   Product Features 16 steel strings, all 25" long. ..
Mid-East Lyre Harp, 8 String
Biblical style lyre harp   Product Features 8 steel strings. Rosewood ..
Mid-East Nevel Harp with Gig Bag
The nevel harp is a Biblical stringed instrument, also known as King David's Harp.   ..
Mid-East Persian Hammered Dulcimer/Santoor
Persian hammered dulcimer   Product Features Hand carved rosewood. Mov..
Mid-East Semsemia
The semsemia is a steel string Egyptian harp.   Product Features Wooden body..
Mid-East Turkish Spike Fiddle, Large
A bowed stringed instrument, the spike fiddle has origins from the Middle East. Can be played upr..
Roosebeck Alto Psaltery Right-Handed
The Roosebeck Bowed Psaltery is a very beautiful melody instrument and also a very easy instrumen..
Roosebeck Baby Harp TM, 12 Strings, Knotwork
The Roosebeck 12 string Baby Harp is portable and easy to play. Product Features DuP..
Roosebeck Concert Baroq-ulele Sheesham with Tuners
Roosebeck brand concert size Baroq-ulele.   Product Features A hybryd, the c..
Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute Sheesham & Canadian Spruce
8 course Renaissance style lute Product Features Zachary Taylor designed. 15 st..
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Roosebeck Heather Harp TM, 22 Strings
  The Heather Harp is a beautifully hand carved celtic style harp..
Roosebeck Lute Harp
Product Features 22 nylon strings. 27" solid rosewood frame. Birch plywood so..
Roosebeck Meghan Harp TM, 36 Strings
A beautiful 5 octave Celtic style harp for the more advanced player.   Product Featu..
Roosebeck Prima Balalaika
The Roosebeck Balalaika Prima is a traditional folk stringed instrument that has origins from Rus..
Roosebeck Sellas Baroque Guitar 5-course Zachary Taylor
The 5 course Baroque style guitar is a historic reproduction based on the instruments made by Gio..