Ethnic Stringed Instruments

As you explore our pages containing beautiful stringed instruments from around the world, you'll find instruments represented from the countries surrounding the region of the Middle East. Hand-crafted, unique instruments from exotic places such as Turkey, Egypt, and North Africa. A few of these are, the oud, rabab, lavta, saz, dotar and the cumbus. The rich tradtion and culture from India have given us the sitar and tanpura, while Greek culture have provided us with the baglama saz and lyre harp. Music Urchin also has some outstanding reproductions of biblical stringed instruments such as the kinnor harp, (also known as King David's Harp) and the nevel harp. Even the resurgence in popularity of the ukulele over the past several years  have opened up new avenues of enjoyment to players young and old. Until recently, the ukulele was thought of by many as a musical toy, thankfully, those days are gone and a new generation of uke enthusiasts are discovering the joy in playing this simple, yet sophisticated stringed instrument!  Enjoy yourself as your browse the Music Urchin Ethnic String Instrument pages, where you'll find exotic strings from many far away lands!


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Roosebeck Tenor Baroq-ulele Sheesham with Tuners
The Roosebeck tenor Baroque-ulele is a unique musical instrument. It is a hybrid, a cross between..
Sardar Pro Female Tanpura
Beautiful ethic stringed instrument with decorative inlay and masterfully carved by Monaj Sardar,..
G. Rosul Pro Compact Tanpura Solid Toon Wood 4-String
Portable 4 string Tanpura   Product Features The body and soundboard is made..
G. Rosul Pro Electric Sitar with Flat Wooden Toomba
This is a full sized professional electric sitar, hand made by G. Rosul. More portable than tradi..
Lourebach Panormo 6-String Zachary Taylor
The Panormo "Romantic" style guitar is a historic reproduction on the works of 19th century maste..
Paloma Electronic Shahi Baaja - Silver
The electric Shahi Baaja is a hybrid string instrument from India, It is the combination 5 string..
Roosebeck 6/8 Baroque Lute
The Baroque Lute Has 19 Nylon Strings On A Long Rosewood Neck, 6 Course With 8 Drone Str..
Roosebeck 8-Course Travel Lute
A miniature version of a renaissance style lute, smaller, yet functional! Product Features ..
Roosebeck Bouzouki Sheesham Stave Body with Hard Case
Greek style bouzouki was known as the pandura, and later known as a tambouras. In the 19th centur..
Roosebeck Deluxe Wildwood Dulcimer Sheesham F-Holes Scrolled Pegbox
The Wildwood dulcimer allows you to hold and play it like a guitar or banjo instead of laying it ..
Roosebeck Emma Mountain Dulcimer 4-String Vaulted Fretboard Spruce Soundboard F-Holes
The "Emma" Model Is The Most Deluxe Mountain Dulcimer In Our Line. Check Out The Carved Scroll Pe..
Roosebeck Grace Mountain Dulcimer 4 String, Vaulted Fretboard, Spruce Soundboard, F-Hole Openings
The Roosebeck Grace Mountain Dulcimer has superior looks and an excellent sound! A great value an..
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Roosebeck Grace Mountain Dulcimer 4-String Vaulted Fretboard Spruce Soundboard Knotwork
The Roosebeck Grace Mountain Dulcimer has superior looks and an excellent sound! A great value an..
Roosebeck Minstrel Harp 29 String
The perfect Celtic style harp for the beginning to intermediate player!   Product Fe..
Roosebeck Rebec with Hard Case
A Medieval style string instrument, the alto rebec is similar to the violin but has only 3 string..
Roosebeck Single Strung 10/9 Hammered Dulcimer with Hammers
This hammerd dulcimer is a 10/9, meaning that it has 10 single strings crossing the treble bridge..
Roosebeck Trail Dulcimer 4-String 34.25-Inch
Hold it like a banjo, play it like a dulcimer, the trail dulcimer is light, portable and easy to ..
Roosebeck Voboam Baroque Guitar 5-course Zachary Taylor
The 5 course Baroque style guitar is a historic reproduction based on the instruments made by the..