Ethnic Wind Instruments

When most people think of wind instruments, they usually think of clarinets, flutes or saxophones, typically the ones most beginners will pick up as they enter band at the elementary school, middle school or high school level. Music Urchin carries ethnic wind instruments, the same family of instruments, only more exotic, and often easier to play. From India, you will find a nice representation with the harmonium, bansuri flute, duduk and snake charmer. Instruments that have origins from the British Isles are the bagpipes, Irish flute and the Medieval pipe. Musical instruments that are more familiar with western culture are the didgeridoo and Native American flute. Most of these ethnic wind instruments have a very simple fingering system an are fairly easy to play, unlike the complex key configurations that are found in most traditional wind instruments played in the symphonic or jazz bands of United States and Europe.

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 Mid-East Mizmar, Turkish Shawm
The mizmar is a Middle eastern reed flute also known as a Turkish shawm.   Product F..
banjira Bansuri Flute in A 22.75-Inch
The Banjira brand bansuri is a transverse flute from India, and it is one of the oldest musical i..
banjira Bansuri, Flute in E, 29.5-Inch
  Banjira brand, professiona..
banjira Coupler Harmonium 9-Knob
Although this looks much like an organ, the harmonium is considered a wind instrument because the..
banjira Gourd Snake Charmer
Snake charmer flute - (Snake Not Included!) Product Features Made from a gourd. ..
banjira Large Ransingha Copper
The Ransingha is a large ancient horn with a curved body that is played similar to the trumpet. ..
banjira Nagaswaram
The nagaswaram is a wooden reed flute.   Product Features Made of solid hard..
banjira Shehnai, Plain
Wooden ethnic wind instrument played with a double reed.   Product Features ..
banjira Shruti Box, Side Controls, 3G-4G
The shruti box is similar to the harmonium, a hand-pumped wind instrument that can produce chords..
banjira Standard Harmonium 6-Knob
This model is great for yoga, meditation and kirtan Product Features Fixed keyboard. ..
DOBANI Hand Painted PVC Didgeridoo - Colored Bands
 Some believe that the digeridoo is the world's oldest wind instrument..
DOBANI Snake Charmer (Bean)
Snake Charmer Flute. Product Features Hand-carved rosewood. Traditional gourd s..
Mid-East Fiberglass Shofar - Mahogany Finish
Used by the ancient Hebrews, the shofar is a wind instrument played much like a bugle for Jewish ..
Mid-East Fiberglass Shofar - Natural Finish
Used by the ancient Hebrews, the shofar is a wind instrument played much like a bugle for Jewish ..
Mid-East Mizmar Egyptian 3-Piece
Set of 3 reed flutes   Product features Made from Egyptian fruit tree, olive..
Mid-East Turkish Duduk with Reed RE-Key of D 14.75-Inch
Mid-East brand Turkish Duduk, also known as a Mey.   Product Features Made f..
Nabi & Sons Bamboo Whistle Set 13-Piece
 Bamboo whistle set.   Product Features 13 different keys. Each f..
Roosebeck Ebony Bombard with Reed
The Roosebeck Bombard is a double-reed ethnic wind instrument which is fingered and played much l..
Roosebeck Ebony Irish Flute with Traditional Irish Tuning
The Roosebeck Irish Flute is made of ebony, voiced in the key of D.The flute comes in four sectio..
Roosebeck Full Size Ebony Bagpipe with Black Cover
 Roosebeck full sized ebony bagpipe set.   Product features Measures 1..