Instrument Accessories

From time to time every musician is faced with the fact that the strings on the balaika or oud are old, broken, or just need to be replaced. The head on the conga, djembe or doumbek is punctured or badly worn and just doesn't the sound it once did . You may have just misplaced last double reed for your duduk or bagpipe, and you know they don't play without the small piece of bamboo!. Because these are exotic musical instruments, you just can't run into your local music store and ask for a set of strings for a kemenche, or a reed for a mizmar. Music Urchin's inventory of accessories is constantly growing, just because you don't see it listed on the pages, doesn't mean we can't supply it for you. Just send us an email inqury of an accessory you may need and we will let you know the avaliblity and price! Other items which are in demand are clip-on chromatic tuners, sheet music stands and "How To Play" tutorials. We also carry mallets, beaters and sticks for the drum and percussion enthusiasts!

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Roosebeck Harp String Set, 38, A - C
This is a Roosebeck harp replacement string set with 38 gauged strings.   Product Fe..