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Roosebeck Outside Tunable Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar Fiberskyn Head 18-by-3.5-Inch
Roosebeck 18" tunable bodhran with crossbar and Remo fiberskyn head. This bodhran includes a tipp..
Roosebeck Bodhran, Fixed Goat Skin Head and Single-Bar, Green Finish, 18-by-3.5-Inch
Product Features Mulberry wood frame Fixed goatskin head A single removable b..
Roosebeck Pretuned Mulberry Bodhran Single-Bar 18-by-3.5-Inch - Black
Product Features 18" frame body Mulberry wood Goatskin head (fixed) Sin..
Roosebeck Pretuned Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar 18-by-3.5-Inch
The bodhran is a world percussion instrument used as rhythm accompaniment for Celtic and Irish mu..