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DOBANI 17-Key Thumb Piano with Spruce Top
Known as the kalimba, you pluck the metal keys with your thumbs as you hold it in your hands. ..
DOBANI 8-Key Thumb Piano
The kalimba is a thumb piano and it originates in Africa. It is also known as the mbira or l..
DOBANI Assorted Sheesham Shaker Set 3-Piece
This set of wood hand percussion shakers have three different shapes and sizes, each one producin..
DOBANI Bamboo Rain Stick 39-Inch
The bamboo rain stick is a hand held percussion instrument that creates the sound of the rain. By..
DOBANI Bao Gong with Beater 17.75-Inch (45cm)
The 18" Dobani Bao Gong, is also known as a nipple gong because it's raised in the center and loo..
DOBANI Cow Bells 4 6 & 7-Inch 3-Piece
Three cow bells, three sizes, three different tones!   Product Features Hand..
DOBANI Decorated Singing Bowl 5 1/4-Inch - Black
    Singing bowls ..
DOBANI Energy Chimes Set of 8: C7 - C8
Energy chimes are a chromatic set of bars suspended above a wooden base, when struck by a mallet,..
DOBANI Hand Painted PVC Didgeridoo - Colored Bands
 Some believe that the digeridoo is the world's oldest wind instrument..
DOBANI Nickel Plated Brass Cuica with Goatskin Head 8-Inch
The Dobani Cuica drum is closely associated with Brazilian Samba music. The sound of this instrum..
DOBANI Pretuned Goatskin Head Wood Frame Drum with Beater 22-by-2-Inch
Frame Drum, or Shamam is a simple wooden drum with beater.   Product Features ..
DOBANI Snake Charmer (Bean)
Snake Charmer Flute. Product Features Hand-carved rosewood. Traditional gourd s..
DOBANI Wind Gong with Beater 25.5-Inch (65cm)
Product Features Hand made by master artisians. Bronze alloy, made from approximate..
DOBANI 16-Inch Steel Tongue Drum, Tanpura Tuning - Antique Gold
By striking the different size tongues with the mallets, the tongue drum produces meditative, mel..
DOBANI Small Water Buffalo Horn Natural Finish
This is a real water buffalo horn! Product Features Measures about 13 inches in lengh..