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 G. Rosul Pro Electric Sitar with Flat Wooden Toomba
Compared to a standard sitar, this elecric model is much smaller, lighter and easier to transport..
 Mid-East Mizmar, Turkish Shawm
The mizmar is a Middle eastern reed flute also known as a Turkish shawm.   Product F..
banjira Bansuri Flute in A 22.75-Inch
The Banjira brand bansuri is a transverse flute from India, and it is one of the oldest musical i..
banjira Bansuri, Flute in E, 29.5-Inch
  Banjira brand, professiona..
banjira Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo), 36-Inches
Known as the "Indian Banjo" the bulbul tarang is played much like an autoharp. By pressing down o..
banjira Coupler Harmonium 9-Knob
Although this looks much like an organ, the harmonium is considered a wind instrument because the..
banjira Deluxe Bass Dotara - Dark Purple
In Hindi the word Ek means one and Do means two, the word tar means string. The Banjira bass dota..
banjira Dilruba with Bow in Hard Case 43-Inch
The Banjira Dilruba is a hand made Indian fiddle. Help upright in lap and played with a bow, much..
banjira Gopichand, Bass, 30-Inch
 Bass Gopichand is an ethnic stringed instrument from India. Apply pressure to the side stru..
banjira Gourd Snake Charmer
Snake charmer flute - (Snake Not Included!) Product Features Made from a gourd. ..
banjira Large Ransingha Copper
The Ransingha is a large ancient horn with a curved body that is played similar to the trumpet. ..
banjira Miniature Sitar
Miniature version of the sitar, a fun starter instrument for kids and adults!   Prod..
banjira Nagaswaram
The nagaswaram is a wooden reed flute.   Product Features Made of solid hard..
banjira Rabab with Bow
The rabab is one of the oldest and most basic of Middle Eastern stringed instruments. A rectangle..
banjira Sarangi
Ethnic stringed instrument of India. A bowed lute. Product Features 25" long Ca..
banjira Sarod
 The sarod is an ethnic stringed instrument held and played much like a sitar.   ..
banjira Shehnai, Plain
Wooden ethnic wind instrument played with a double reed.   Product Features ..
banjira Shruti Box, Side Controls, 3G-4G
The shruti box is similar to the harmonium, a hand-pumped wind instrument that can produce chords..
banjira Standard Harmonium 6-Knob
This model is great for yoga, meditation and kirtan Product Features Fixed keyboard. ..
banjira Standard Single Toomba Sitar - Black
Product Features Black in color, single toomba. Strung in the 6 string style. ..