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 Mid-East Aluminum Doumbek, Skyndeep Head, Erzincan Etched Design, Blue, 11.5-by-16.5-Inch
The doumbek is a beautiful hand drum from the Middle East. Product Features Made of c..
 Mid-East Rope Tuned Sheesham Djembe with Goatskin Head 10-by-20-Inch - Hewn Finish
The Djembe is a rosewood hand drum that has origins from West Africa. One of the most popular han..
banjira Dhol with Goatskin Heads 14-by-25-Inch
The Banjira Dhol is a wooden two headed tunable drum from India. It is used in folk and dance mus..
Calfskin, 22", Medium
Natural calfskin, a round flat piece, unfitted for hand drum installation. Product Features ..
DOBANI Nickel Plated Brass Cuica with Goatskin Head 8-Inch
The Dobani Cuica drum is closely associated with Brazilian Samba music. The sound of this instrum..
DOBANI Pretuned Goatskin Head Wood Frame Drum with Beater 22-by-2-Inch
Frame Drum, or Shamam is a simple wooden drum with beater.   Product Features ..
Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 10.6-by-17-Inch - Black
Mid-East Alexandria Aluminum Doumbek. Product Features Made of black aluminum. ..
Mid-East Sheesham End Drum Table with Rope Tuned Natural Head 24-by-26-Inch
Product description An all solid sheesham wood shell end table drum has a natural skin head t..
Mid-East Small Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 8-by-11.75-Inch - Black
Product Features Black aluminum shell. Mylar head. (1extra head is included!) ..
Roosebeck Outside Tunable Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar Fiberskyn Head 18-by-3.5-Inch
Roosebeck 18" tunable bodhran with crossbar and Remo fiberskyn head. This bodhran includes a tipp..
Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 10.6-by-17-Inch - Blue Mosaic
This doumbek is a beautiful Egyptian hand drum with mosaic inlay Product Features Alu..
Mid-East Erzincan Etched Copper Doumbek with Synthetic Head 11-by-17-Inch - Dark
Copper doumbek (Darbuka) World percussion hand drum   Product Features 17 in..
Mid-East Synthetic Head for Copper or Aluminum Doumbek 8.63-Inch
Product Features Inside diameter of head is 8 5/8 inches (8.63) inches. Overall dep..