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 Mid-East Aluminum Doumbek, Skyndeep Head, Erzincan Etched Design, Blue, 11.5-by-16.5-Inch
The doumbek is a beautiful hand drum from the Middle East. Product Features Made of c..
 Mid-East Mizmar, Turkish Shawm
The mizmar is a Middle eastern reed flute also known as a Turkish shawm.   Product F..
 Mid-East Rope Tuned Sheesham Djembe with Goatskin Head 10-by-20-Inch - Hewn Finish
The Djembe is a rosewood hand drum that has origins from West Africa. One of the most popular han..
Mid-East Afghani Rebab
The Afghani Rebab is a ethnic stringed instrument from the Middle East and is in the lute family...
Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 10.6-by-17-Inch - Black
Mid-East Alexandria Aluminum Doumbek. Product Features Made of black aluminum. ..
Mid-East Berimbau with Painted Stripes and Large Gourd (2 Boxes)
Berimbau, Large Deluxe, 2 octave, 60 inches long painted bow. The painted gourd resonator must be..
Mid-East Cane Reed with Bridle for Medium Duduk 3.5-4-Inch
 Medium cane replacement reed for the Turkish Duduk or Mey. Product Features Dou..
Mid-East Cane Reed with Bridle for Small Duduk 3-4-Inch
  Replacement reed (small) for the Turkish Duduk or Mey.The reed with bridle is approxim..
Mid-East Cura Saz, Light
The Mid-East Cura Saz is the smallest and the highest pitched of the saz family. It's length is a..
Mid-East Deluxe Baglama Saz
 Mid-East brand Baglama Saz is an ethnic string instrument that is handmade in Turkey. The m..
Mid-East Djun-Djun, Rosewood, 11-by-20-Inch
Mid-East rosewood Djun- Djun is a two headed drum played with a beater.   Product Fe..
Mid-East Egyptian Jug Drum
Egyptian made two hole Jug Drum, also known as a ghatam. Just rap and tap the outer shell of the ..
Mid-East Egyptian Oud Mosaic with Gig Bag
This Classic Egyptian oud has a teardrop shaped body with a rounded back, complete with gig bag. ..
Mid-East Electric Frame Oud Hourglass with Gig Bag - Black
Electric Egyptian Oud, Black   Product Features 11 strings with 12 tuning ge..
Mid-East Fancy Lavta with Gig Bag
The lavta, although similar in looks to the oud or lute with its deep bowled back and teardrop fa..
Mid-East Fiberglass Shofar - Mahogany Finish
Used by the ancient Hebrews, the shofar is a wind instrument played much like a bugle for Jewish ..
Mid-East Fiberglass Shofar - Natural Finish
Used by the ancient Hebrews, the shofar is a wind instrument played much like a bugle for Jewish ..
Mid-East Kemenche, 3-string with Rosin and Bag
Known as the Black Sea Fiddle, The Kemenche is native to the southern shore of the Black Sea. You..
Mid-East Kinnor Harp, Light
Known as "King David's Harp" the kinnor harp is always a best seller!   Product Feat..
Mid-East Large Pretuned Pharaonic Wooden Doumbek 12-by-17-Inch
Mid-East brand wooden doumbek. Amazing tone and durability! Product Features 12" x 17..