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 G. Rosul Pro Electric Sitar with Flat Wooden Toomba
Compared to a standard sitar, this elecric model is much smaller, lighter and easier to transport..
banjira Pro Tabla Set Embossed Brass and 5.25-Inch Dayan
Tabla Set, Embossed Brass, set of two drums Product Features Standard rosewood dayan ..
Sajid Pro Tabla Set Nickel Plated Brass Bayan and 5.25-Inch Dayan
Professional tabla set includes rosewood tabla and a nickled brass bayan.   Product ..
Sardar Pro Female Tanpura
Beautiful ethic stringed instrument with decorative inlay and masterfully carved by Monaj Sardar,..
 Sardar Pro Shruti Box Side Controls 13-reed 3C-4C
The shruti box is similar to the harmonium, a hand-pumped wind instrument that can produce chords..
G. Rosul Pro Compact Tanpura Solid Toon Wood 4-String
Portable 4 string Tanpura   Product Features The body and soundboard is made..
G. Rosul Pro Electric Sitar with Flat Wooden Toomba
This is a full sized professional electric sitar, hand made by G. Rosul. More portable than tradi..