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Roosebeck Alto Psaltery Right-Handed
The Roosebeck Bowed Psaltery is a very beautiful melody instrument and also a very easy instrumen..
Roosebeck Baby Harp TM, 12 Strings, Knotwork
The Roosebeck 12 string Baby Harp is portable and easy to play. Product Features DuP..
Roosebeck Bendir with Snare 14-Inch
The Bendir is a traditional drum from North Africa and the region of Moracco.   Prod..
Roosebeck Concert Baroq-ulele Sheesham with Tuners
Roosebeck brand concert size Baroq-ulele.   Product Features A hybryd, the c..
Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute Sheesham & Canadian Spruce
8 course Renaissance style lute Product Features Zachary Taylor designed. 15 st..
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Roosebeck Ebony Bombard with Reed
The Roosebeck Bombard is a double-reed ethnic wind instrument which is fingered and played much l..
Roosebeck Ebony Irish Flute with Traditional Irish Tuning
The Roosebeck Irish Flute is made of ebony, voiced in the key of D.The flute comes in four sectio..
Roosebeck Full Size Ebony Bagpipe with Black Cover
 Roosebeck full sized ebony bagpipe set.   Product features Measures 1..
Roosebeck Gig Bag for Pixie Harp
Travel or storage bag for the Roosebeck Pixie Harp.   Product Features Padde..
Roosebeck Harp String Set, 12, F - C
This is a complete string replacement set for the Roosebeck Baby Harp   Product Feat..
Roosebeck Harp String Set, 22, C - C
 String replacement set for these great Mid-East Harps; The Heather Harp, Parisian Harp and ..
Roosebeck Heather Harp TM, 22 Strings
  The Heather Harp is a beautifully hand carved celtic style harp..
Roosebeck Lute Harp
Product Features 22 nylon strings. 27" solid rosewood frame. Birch plywood so..
Roosebeck Medieval Pipe
The Medieval Pipe, also known as a Cornamuse is fingered like the recorder.   Produc..
Roosebeck Medieval Sheesham Bagpipe without Mounts with Black Velvet Cover
Product Features 2 sheesham drones, no mounts. Approximately 20 x 35 x 5 inches. ..
Roosebeck Meghan Harp TM, 36 Strings
A beautiful 5 octave Celtic style harp for the more advanced player.   Product Featu..
Roosebeck Nevel Harp String Set
Nevel Harp String Set.   Product Features 15 DuPont Tynex hard nylon strings..
Roosebeck Outside Tunable Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar Fiberskyn Head 18-by-3.5-Inch
Roosebeck 18" tunable bodhran with crossbar and Remo fiberskyn head. This bodhran includes a tipp..
Roosebeck Prima Balalaika
The Roosebeck Balalaika Prima is a traditional folk stringed instrument that has origins from Rus..
Roosebeck Satinwood Native American Style Flute
Product Features Made from satinwood 2 main parts are the pipe body and the saddle ..