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 Mid-East Rope Tuned Sheesham Djembe with Goatskin Head 10-by-20-Inch - Hewn Finish
The Djembe is a rosewood hand drum that has origins from West Africa. One of the most popular han..
DOBANI Assorted Sheesham Shaker Set 3-Piece
This set of wood hand percussion shakers have three different shapes and sizes, each one producin..
Mid-East Sheesham End Drum Table with Rope Tuned Natural Head 24-by-26-Inch
Product description An all solid sheesham wood shell end table drum has a natural skin head t..
Roosebeck Concert Baroq-ulele Sheesham with Tuners
Roosebeck brand concert size Baroq-ulele.   Product Features A hybryd, the c..
Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute Sheesham & Canadian Spruce
8 course Renaissance style lute Product Features Zachary Taylor designed. 15 st..
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Roosebeck Medieval Sheesham Bagpipe without Mounts with Black Velvet Cover
Product Features 2 sheesham drones, no mounts. Approximately 20 x 35 x 5 inches. ..
Roosebeck Outside Tunable Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar Fiberskyn Head 18-by-3.5-Inch
Roosebeck 18" tunable bodhran with crossbar and Remo fiberskyn head. This bodhran includes a tipp..
Roosebeck Sheesham Native American Style Flute
Roosebeck Native American style flute.   Product Features Rosewood (sheesham..
Roosebeck Tenor Baroq-ulele Sheesham with Tuners
The Roosebeck tenor Baroque-ulele is a unique musical instrument. It is a hybrid, a cross between..
Roosebeck Bouzouki Sheesham Stave Body with Hard Case
Greek style bouzouki was known as the pandura, and later known as a tambouras. In the 19th centur..
Roosebeck Deluxe Wildwood Dulcimer Sheesham F-Holes Scrolled Pegbox
The Wildwood dulcimer allows you to hold and play it like a guitar or banjo instead of laying it ..
Roosebeck Pretuned Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar 18-by-3.5-Inch
The bodhran is a world percussion instrument used as rhythm accompaniment for Celtic and Irish mu..