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 G. Rosul Pro Electric Sitar with Flat Wooden Toomba
Compared to a standard sitar, this elecric model is much smaller, lighter and easier to transport..
banjira Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo), 36-Inches
Known as the "Indian Banjo" the bulbul tarang is played much like an autoharp. By pressing down o..
banjira Deluxe Bass Dotara - Dark Purple
In Hindi the word Ek means one and Do means two, the word tar means string. The Banjira bass dota..
banjira Dilruba with Bow in Hard Case 43-Inch
The Banjira Dilruba is a hand made Indian fiddle. Help upright in lap and played with a bow, much..
banjira Gopichand, Bass, 30-Inch
 Bass Gopichand is an ethnic stringed instrument from India. Apply pressure to the side stru..
banjira Miniature Sitar
Miniature version of the sitar, a fun starter instrument for kids and adults!   Prod..
banjira Rabab with Bow
The rabab is one of the oldest and most basic of Middle Eastern stringed instruments. A rectangle..
banjira Sarangi
Ethnic stringed instrument of India. A bowed lute. Product Features 25" long Ca..
banjira Sarod
 The sarod is an ethnic stringed instrument held and played much like a sitar.   ..
banjira Standard Single Toomba Sitar - Black
Product Features Black in color, single toomba. Strung in the 6 string style. ..
banjira Standard Sitar with Padded Gig Bag - Light
A Best Seller! Sitar, case and accessories.   Product Features Each sitar is..
banjira Tenor Tanpura
The tanpura is much like the sitar with fewer strings, no frets and without the sympathetic strin..
Cumbus Tambur with Gig Bag 6-String 51-Inch
The cumbus looks very similar to the western style long neck banjo. This lively sounding instrume..
Early Music Shop 19-String Gothic Harp
Authentic French style gothic harp designed by the Early music Shoppe in Bradford, England. &..
Lourebach Renaissance Guitarino Zachary Taylor
The Renaissance style guitarino is a 16th century historic reproduction and is the smallest membe..
Mid-East Afghani Rebab
The Afghani Rebab is a ethnic stringed instrument from the Middle East and is in the lute family...
Mid-East Berimbau with Painted Stripes and Large Gourd (2 Boxes)
Berimbau, Large Deluxe, 2 octave, 60 inches long painted bow. The painted gourd resonator must be..
Mid-East Cura Saz, Light
The Mid-East Cura Saz is the smallest and the highest pitched of the saz family. It's length is a..
Mid-East Deluxe Baglama Saz
 Mid-East brand Baglama Saz is an ethnic string instrument that is handmade in Turkey. The m..
Mid-East Egyptian Oud Mosaic with Gig Bag
This Classic Egyptian oud has a teardrop shaped body with a rounded back, complete with gig bag. ..