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 G. Rosul Pro Electric Sitar with Flat Wooden Toomba
Compared to a standard sitar, this elecric model is much smaller, lighter and easier to transport..
 Mid-East Rope Tuned Sheesham Djembe with Goatskin Head 10-by-20-Inch - Hewn Finish
The Djembe is a rosewood hand drum that has origins from West Africa. One of the most popular han..
banjira Dhol with Goatskin Heads 14-by-25-Inch
The Banjira Dhol is a wooden two headed tunable drum from India. It is used in folk and dance mus..
banjira Dilruba with Bow in Hard Case 43-Inch
The Banjira Dilruba is a hand made Indian fiddle. Help upright in lap and played with a bow, much..
banjira Rabab with Bow
The rabab is one of the oldest and most basic of Middle Eastern stringed instruments. A rectangle..
banjira Standard Sitar with Padded Gig Bag - Light
A Best Seller! Sitar, case and accessories.   Product Features Each sitar is..
Cumbus Tambur with Gig Bag 6-String 51-Inch
The cumbus looks very similar to the western style long neck banjo. This lively sounding instrume..
DOBANI 17-Key Thumb Piano with Spruce Top
Known as the kalimba, you pluck the metal keys with your thumbs as you hold it in your hands. ..
DOBANI Bao Gong with Beater 17.75-Inch (45cm)
The 18" Dobani Bao Gong, is also known as a nipple gong because it's raised in the center and loo..
DOBANI Nickel Plated Brass Cuica with Goatskin Head 8-Inch
The Dobani Cuica drum is closely associated with Brazilian Samba music. The sound of this instrum..
DOBANI Pretuned Goatskin Head Wood Frame Drum with Beater 22-by-2-Inch
Frame Drum, or Shamam is a simple wooden drum with beater.   Product Features ..
DOBANI Wind Gong with Beater 25.5-Inch (65cm)
Product Features Hand made by master artisians. Bronze alloy, made from approximate..
EMS Tabor Drum, 12-Inch, with Sticks
Historic two-headed reproduction drum designed by the Early Music Shoppe of Braford, England. Usu..
Mel Bay's Complete Balalaika Book with CD by Bibs Ekkel
 The Complete Balalaika Book has 160 pages and an accompanying CD. Both are by Bibs Ekkel th..
Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 10.6-by-17-Inch - Black
Mid-East Alexandria Aluminum Doumbek. Product Features Made of black aluminum. ..
Mid-East Berimbau with Painted Stripes and Large Gourd (2 Boxes)
Berimbau, Large Deluxe, 2 octave, 60 inches long painted bow. The painted gourd resonator must be..
Mid-East Cane Reed with Bridle for Medium Duduk 3.5-4-Inch
 Medium cane replacement reed for the Turkish Duduk or Mey. Product Features Dou..
Mid-East Cane Reed with Bridle for Small Duduk 3-4-Inch
  Replacement reed (small) for the Turkish Duduk or Mey.The reed with bridle is approxim..
Mid-East Egyptian Oud Mosaic with Gig Bag
This Classic Egyptian oud has a teardrop shaped body with a rounded back, complete with gig bag. ..
Mid-East Electric Frame Oud Hourglass with Gig Bag - Black
Electric Egyptian Oud, Black   Product Features 11 strings with 12 tuning ge..