Tunable Hand Drums /Percussion

Tunable Hand Drum And Percussion Instruments

There is not a group of instruments that is any easier for a beginner to pick up for the first time and immediately start playing music. By playing on a hand drum for only few minutes, any novice can sound pretty good! The pure simplicity of sitting on a cajon drum and slapping the sides to create different tones doesn't require much musical talent, but can be fun as well as addicting. The djembe, conga and the doumbek are tunable hand drums that are very easy to play, and you'd be surprised how affordable they can be. You can choose various sizes and colors, wood shell or fiberglass shell, natural hyde head or synthetic head, rope tuned, bolt tuned or even pre-tuned. Music Urchin has a large variety of percussion instruments, and as you spend a few minutes to browse our pages, you'll discover with a new set of eyes, the exciting world of ethnic hand drum and percussion instruments!

Hand Drums In The Classroom As An Educational Tool!

Because of the size and affordability of many hand held percussion instruments, they are wonderful educational tools in the classroom. Rhythm sticks, castanets, maracas, wood blocks and the shakere can be passed around the classroom to let each child experience the feel and sound of these and many others. Music can be fun and educational by forming a classroom rhythm band or drum circle! Your classroom can also learn about cultures of the world and how music plays an important role from country to country. Students can explore the differences and the similarities drums made and used by the people from South America, the British Isles, Africa and the Middle East. By presenting drums like the bodhran, dhol, cuica, and the hudak to your classroom, world geography can be fun as the kids will discover the origins of each instrument and learn about the country, region, and culture they represent.


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 Mid-East Aluminum Doumbek, Skyndeep Head, Erzincan Etched Design, Blue, 11.5-by-16.5-Inch
The doumbek is a beautiful hand drum from the Middle East. Product Features Made of c..
 Mid-East Rope Tuned Sheesham Djembe with Goatskin Head 10-by-20-Inch - Hewn Finish
The Djembe is a rosewood hand drum that has origins from West Africa. One of the most popular han..
banjira Bolt Tuned Pakhawaj
Two-headed wooded hand drum, Because there are two different sized heads, each one produces a hig..
banjira Ceramic Khol Drum
East Indian drum used for devotional and folk music. Held horizontally in lap, both heads are pla..
banjira Chimtas
The chimtas are a hand held percussion instrument but started out as cooking tongs, used for maki..
banjira Delhi Style Nut and Bolt Dholak
In India, the dholak is a popular instrument used in folk music and wedding ceremonies. Unlike th..
banjira Deluxe Mumbai Style Bolt Tuned Naal
Deluxe wooden two-headed hand drum. In India, this popular drum is used in folk music and wedding..
banjira Deluxe Mumbai Style Cord and Ring Dholak
Banjira Dholak is a rope tuned, two headed ceremonial drum from India.   Product Fea..
banjira Devil Chasers 20-Inch & 24-Inch - Pair
The Banjira Devil Chasers or (Buzz Sticks) are used musically as a percussion instrument. Traditi..
banjira Dhol with Goatskin Heads 14-by-25-Inch
The Banjira Dhol is a wooden two headed tunable drum from India. It is used in folk and dance mus..
banjira Fiberglass Khol Drum
The khol is a East Indian drum used in folk and devotional music.   Product Features..
banjira Hudak Deluxe Talking Drum 8-by-16-Inch
A two headed drum, the huduk is played by holding the drum under your arm and squeezing the cords..
banjira Hudak Talking Drum
As you cradle this drum under under your arm, squeeze the cords with the pressure of your arm as ..
banjira Khamak, Light
The Banjira Khamak or bugchu drum is a percussion instrument that has a single head, and is playe..
banjira Lace Tuned Madal
The madal drum is a folk instrument that is traditionally played by the people in the northern mo..
banjira Nagah Drum
The nagah is a 2-headed goatskin drum that is played with a curved beater. Product Features ..
banjira Pro Tabla Set Embossed Brass and 5.25-Inch Dayan
Tabla Set, Embossed Brass, set of two drums Product Features Standard rosewood dayan ..
banjira Solid Brass Camel Bells 3-Piece 1.75 2.5 & 2.75-Inch
These Camel Bells are a set of three graduated brass bells. Can be used as a hand percussion inst..
DOBANI 17-Key Thumb Piano with Spruce Top
Known as the kalimba, you pluck the metal keys with your thumbs as you hold it in your hands. ..
DOBANI 8-Key Thumb Piano
The kalimba is a thumb piano and it originates in Africa. It is also known as the mbira or l..