Tunable Hand Drums /Percussion

Tunable Hand Drum And Percussion Instruments

There is not a group of instruments that is any easier for a beginner to pick up for the first time and immediately start playing music. By playing on a hand drum for only few minutes, any novice can sound pretty good! The pure simplicity of sitting on a cajon drum and slapping the sides to create different tones doesn't require much musical talent, but can be fun as well as addicting. The djembe, conga and the doumbek are tunable hand drums that are very easy to play, and you'd be surprised how affordable they can be. You can choose various sizes and colors, wood shell or fiberglass shell, natural hyde head or synthetic head, rope tuned, bolt tuned or even pre-tuned. Music Urchin has a large variety of percussion instruments, and as you spend a few minutes to browse our pages, you'll discover with a new set of eyes, the exciting world of ethnic hand drum and percussion instruments!

Hand Drums In The Classroom As An Educational Tool!

Because of the size and affordability of many hand held percussion instruments, they are wonderful educational tools in the classroom. Rhythm sticks, castanets, maracas, wood blocks and the shakere can be passed around the classroom to let each child experience the feel and sound of these and many others. Music can be fun and educational by forming a classroom rhythm band or drum circle! Your classroom can also learn about cultures of the world and how music plays an important role from country to country. Students can explore the differences and the similarities drums made and used by the people from South America, the British Isles, Africa and the Middle East. By presenting drums like the bodhran, dhol, cuica, and the hudak to your classroom, world geography can be fun as the kids will discover the origins of each instrument and learn about the country, region, and culture they represent.


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Mid-East Small Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 8-by-11.75-Inch - Black
Product Features Black aluminum shell. Mylar head. (1extra head is included!) ..
Mid-East Talking Drum with Beater 10-by-15-Inch
This drum "talks" when you squeeze the cords with your arms while you play.   Produc..
Remo Buffalo Drum 14-by-3.5-Inch - Buffalo
Remo Buffalo Drum is a frame drum, also known as a Native American Drum.   Product F..
Remo Kids Percussion Gathering Drum 22-by-8-Inch - Rain Forest
A community drum for young and old, just sit around this large drum and watch the magic happen! P..
Remo OCEAN DRUM, 22-by-2.5-Inch, FISH
The ocean drum has an application much like the rain stick, as you hold the frame horizontally, r..
Remo Tunable Soloist Doumbek 10-Inch - Turquoise
Tunable world percussion 10" doumbek by Remo, Durable for any outdoor activity! Product Featu..
Roosebeck Bendir with Snare 14-Inch
The Bendir is a traditional drum from North Africa and the region of Moracco.   Prod..
Roosebeck Outside Tunable Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar Fiberskyn Head 18-by-3.5-Inch
Roosebeck 18" tunable bodhran with crossbar and Remo fiberskyn head. This bodhran includes a tipp..
Sajid Pro Tabla Set Nickel Plated Brass Bayan and 5.25-Inch Dayan
Professional tabla set includes rosewood tabla and a nickled brass bayan.   Product ..
DOBANI 16-Inch Steel Tongue Drum, Tanpura Tuning - Antique Gold
By striking the different size tongues with the mallets, the tongue drum produces meditative, mel..
Mid-East Alexandria Doumbek with Mylar Head 10.6-by-17-Inch - Blue Mosaic
This doumbek is a beautiful Egyptian hand drum with mosaic inlay Product Features Alu..
Mid-East Aluminum Doumbek, Zebra, 8.5-by-15-Inch
Aluminum zebra doumbek (Darbuka) Product Features Aluminum shell with smooth clean li..
Mid-East Erzincan Etched Copper Doumbek with Synthetic Head 11-by-17-Inch - Dark
Copper doumbek (Darbuka) World percussion hand drum   Product Features 17 in..
Mid-East Rope Tuned Tupan Drum 20-Inch
The tupan is a festival drum that has been used in the Middle East for centuries.  It is als..
Mid-East Synthetic Head for Copper or Aluminum Doumbek 8.63-Inch
Product Features Inside diameter of head is 8 5/8 inches (8.63) inches. Overall dep..
Mid-East Tunable Pandeiro 10-Inch
World percussion hand drum much like a tambourine, used commonly in Brazilian and Latin music. ..
Remo Skyndeep PANDEIRO CHORO 10-Inch
Professional 10" Pandeiro Choro used in Brazilian and Latin music as a world percussion hand drum..
Roosebeck Bendir with Snare 18-Inch
The bendir is a traditional hand drum from the country of Morocco in North Africa Product Fea..
Roosebeck Pretuned Mulberry Bodhran Single-Bar 18-by-3.5-Inch - Black
Product Features 18" frame body Mulberry wood Goatskin head (fixed) Sin..
Roosebeck Pretuned Sheesham Bodhran Cross-Bar 18-by-3.5-Inch
The bodhran is a world percussion instrument used as rhythm accompaniment for Celtic and Irish mu..